Mike Pesto


    What can we say about Mike that he hasn’t already said about himself?

    Well, we should probably start by saying he moved to The San Joaquin Valley... from The Salinas Valley... in June of 2011. Now, the first question he ALWAYS gets when someone realizes he moved from THERE to HERE is “why?” “Well, that’s easy,” he’ll tell you. “Have you tried buying on home on the coast? Can i interest you in a 250 square-foot fixer-upper for $1.8 million? No thank you!” When he’s not at home with his kids… Anthony, who’s 8, and Alessandra, who’s a feisty 5… Mike and his wife of 9-years (Cesca) can usually be found out-and-about with them; taking in a game at Rawhide Ballpark (during baseball season) or maybe checking out the General Sherman at Sequoia National Park.


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