MY 97.5 Wants to give you free money! Just listen daily at:

    7:10am,11:10am and 5:10pm

    for the secret sound. When you hear it , call 622-1449 for your chance to guess what it is and win cash!

    It's powered by Visalia Honda and The New MY 97.5






    The secret sound contest airs Monday-Friday 9/20-10/1 at approximately 7:10am-11:10am and 5:10pm.

    Once a contestant is on the line , the jock on the air will play a designated, pre-produced "secret sound" Then the caller will get to guess what it is. If they are correct they will win the cash prize. 


    By participating in the contest, each participant agrees that the stations decisions regarding the award of prizes and prize amounts will be final and binding in all respects.


    Note: The contest may be pre-empted or otherwise cancelled at any time and at the discretion of the company or sponsor without notice. All general contest rules do apply.