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    June 2020



    May 2020

    Dr. Daniel Boken Update on Covid-19

    Dr. Daniel Boken is an infectious disease specialist affiliated with Kaweah Delta and many other hospitals in the area. DJ Mike Pesto and Dr. Boken discuss, for the second time, the COVID-19 virus and its impact on the Central Valley.



    April 2020

    Dr. Daniel Boken

    Dr. Daniel Boken is an infectious disease specialist affiliated with Kaweah Delta and many other hospitals in the area. DJ Mike Pesto and Dr. Boken discuss the COVID-19 virus, testing for the disease, varying symptoms, seasonal expectations, mask precautions and how to stay healthy and safe. Dr. Boken answers the following questions:

    · *This segment was pre-recorded on March 31st, so be advised that information shared may no longer be up-to-date. 



    March 2020


    Charles Liu

    Dr. Liu is a Neurosurgeon with the Kaweah Delta Neurosciences Center and professor at the University of Southern California. DJ Mike Pesto and Dr. Liu discuss the development of the neurosurgery program at Kaweah Delta and the benefits to patients and their families here in the Central Valley. They also discuss what neurosurgery involves (surgery of brain, spinal cord, spine and nerves), the types of conditions that neurosciences can evaluate and treat, what neurorehabilitation is and how patients are getting back to daily living after an injury or surgery.


    Jan 2020 Dr. Jun Kim

    Dr. Kim is an Orthopedic Surgeon with Orthopaedic Associates Medical Clinic, Inc. and affiliated with and doing surgery at Kaweah Delta. DJ Mike Pesto and Dr. Kim discuss joint health, joint replacements, diagnosing joint issues, advancements in orthopedic surgery, pain management, importance of physical therapy and other orthopedic concerns.


    December 2019 Dr. Ajay Ghai



    Dr. Ghai is a Podiatrist with Kaweah Delta Medical Foundation, serving patients at Visalia Medical Clinic. DJ Mike Pesto and Dr. Ghai discuss ailments of the foot and ankle, the importance of quality footwear and orthotics, and addressing misconceptions about dealing with foot and ankle pain and injury, including surgical intervention.

       November 2019 Mike Pesto Talks to Dr. Quackenbush


    Raul A. Perez, MD

    Dr. Quackenbush is a Family Medicine physician serving patients at Sequoia Prompt Care, a Kaweah Delta Medical Foundation affiliate. DJ Mike Pesto and Dr. Quackenbush discuss family medicine, a new model of care at Sequoia Prompt Care, the importance of seeing a primary care physician and information about flu season as well as dispelling some common myths about the flu.



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